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Divine 神 Kami
Our Black Ceylon tea with vanilla makes a delicious Hot Tea Latte. Just add hot frothed milk, the natural sweet flavor of the vanilla adds just a touch of sweetness. Ceylon tea refers to tea produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka — formerly known as Ceylon. Like other types of tea, it's made from the dried and processed leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. This teas has a distinct bold, full flavor and high antioxidant content. It has medium-to-full tannins
Ingredients: Ceylon tea and vanilla 
$10 for 1.3oz (10-12 servings)

Health properties: Antioxidants, flavonoids cause an increase in metabolism, thereby being able to digest and break down food and fats at a much faster rate than without the consumption of tea. One cup contain 25mg of potassium.
Flavor strength: Honey golden liquor and light, distinct flavor, aroma and strength, hint of natural vanilla
Caffeine: Low 6mg per cup
Fun Fact: Difference between Black tea and Ceylon tea?
Some of the major types of black tea include: Assam- Grown in northeastern India, this tea is full-bodied, dark, and malty. It is used in many tea blends such as Masala Chai, English Breakfast, and Irish Breakfast. Ceylon- Grown in the mountains of Sri Lanka, this tea is lively and bright with citrus notes, much lghter in taste and caffeine. health tip: Ceylon tea are linked to reducing collagen loss in the skin by preventing oxidative stress in the surrounding cells. Ceylon tea has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels. By helping to regulate the glucose and insulin levels in the body, Ceylon tea may help prevent the spikes and drops that can be dangerous for people with diabetes.  Studies have shown that consumption of black tea may help reduce blood pressure.  Ceylon tea contains potassium, which relaxes the tension in your blood vessels and arteries.

Divine 神

  • Here at Emerge Wellness Tea Company, we want to share our love of tea with you, but if for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will do what we can to make it right.

    For all purchases that have been unopened and in the original packaging, we would be happy to offer a full refund within 30 days, excluding original and return shipping.

    If you have opened your product and tasted or tested it, but are still unsatisfied, we would be happy to offer store credit for the purchased item after the item is returned and inspected for quality.

    Damaged On Arrival: If any part of your order was damaged upon arrival, we would like to know. Once your order is on the move, we know that a variety of things can happen which might cause your order to get damaged. Please email us at with the subject “damaged on arrival” and provide a picture of the damaged goods. Someone from our customer care team will get back to as soon as possible to help solve the problem.


    Somethings Missing: Are you missing something that you ordered? Did your shipment say “delivered” but nothing was there? Please feel free to contact us at with the subject line “Somethings Missing” and we will help figure out what might have gone wrong and what we can do to fix the problem.

    Fundraising teas – We do not accept refunds on our fundraising teas.

    We hope that you enjoy all our teas and products, and if you have any other questions about returns, please feel free to contact us at


  • Place 1 heaping teaspoon loose leaf in your tea vessel and add 6oz hot water. Avoid rapid boiling water, steep for 3 minutes. The longer you steep the bitter it will be. Each brew will have its own level of taste profile, notice each experience. Add more tea for a stronger taste. This tea may be infused twice or more. Slowly Sip Selfishly!


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