Initially drawn to the yoga mat for fitness, she quickly fell in love with the grounding, transformation, strong inner connection and sense of well being she accessed each time she unrolled her mat.

Her classes range from peaceful and relaxing (om shanti shanti) to energetic, sweat-inducing vinyasa flows. She infuses her passion for yoga in each posture, giving gentle and encouraging cues with particular emphasis on the breath, playfulness, and enjoyment of the present moment. Her offerings consist of bringing people together ultimately to connect to self with fierceness and grace.


Off the mat, Akiko is a masterful chef and formally owned a successful personal chef/catering company.  Now, she enjoys cooking healthy and delicious meals with her two children and loved ones.  Akiko is known for combining  meals with perfect complimentary tea blend.


She loves spending time near the ocean, Jeep off-roading, cycling, sipping aged tea  and tending to her house plants.


One of Akiko's favorite yoga poses is tree pose.  She loves the equal and opposite actions of rooting down and rising. In her classes, you'll do just that.  Root and Rise.