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Humble    謙虚な   Kenkyona

Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

Our organic Genmaicha (pronounced GEN-my-cha) offers a unique savory, toasted flavor and aroma with light body and limited bitterness. It blends a mixture of organic green tea ("cha" in Japanese) and organic toasted brown rice ("genmai" in Japanese). This traditional organic loose leaf tea is very popular in Japan for everyday use and was popularized during WWII to help stretch the tea supply. Our organic genmaicha grown in the Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu, in Southern Japan. It has a stronger toasted flavor note and a greater ratio of rice kernel to tea leaf. 

In old Kyoto, genmaicha was considered a drink for poor farmers and city dwellers who couldn’t afford expensive blends. Even people who were malnourished drank genmaicha because it is brewed with nutritious green tea and roasted rice, which makes it almost as filling as some foods. Monks who were fasting, soldiers with scant rations, and those who couldn’t tolerate solid food during recuperation from illness all turned to genmaicha for inexpensive liquid nutrition in times of need.

Kyoto was the birthplace of genmaicha, where legend tells of a tea farmer who mixed roasted brown rice (as a filler) in with his cheapest blends so that poor people could afford a pound of “tea” and get some extra vitamins and minerals along with the tea.


Ingredients: Organic Sencha green tea leaves, organic roasted brown rice 

 $10 for 1.6oz


Health properties: Aids in lowering cholesterol levels

Flavor strength: Mild savory, nutty flavor and is low astringent
Caffeine: Low 4 mg of caffeine per cup

Humble 謙虚な

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  • 1 heaping teaspoon is good for at least three 6oz servings. Place loose leaf in your tea vessel and add hot water. Avoid rapid boiling water, steep for 90 seconds. The longer you steep the bitter it will be. Each brew will have its own level of taste profile, notice each experience. Add more tea for a stronger taste. This tea may be infused twice or more. Slowly Sip Selfishly!

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