Mama. Yogi. Foodie. Tea Sipper.

Yoga and mediation has taught me that finding peace in the heart and balance in the mind can create the calm I need to be a mother of two, a business owner, a foodie and a tea lover. 

Emerge & Follow the Sun

The circada burrows under the earth. Every 13 or 17 years, thousands of them funnel their way to the surface. On special summer nights this collective emergence is a sound celebration . 

The Living Room for Yoga & Meditation

The Living Room.PNG

"This meditation circle found me at a time in my life when group support and focused practice helped me process my situation. Thank you Living Room" 

" This way of bringing out the things in me that I know are there but I can always express is perfect for me."

"I look forward to these Sundays with Akiko because it's a time I can really focus on my own inner spirit" 

 Emerging Cicada 

Once above the earth, cicadas attach to a tree and begin the process of shedding it's skin. This signals a new beginning and a new way of being. 

Japanese Inspired Silent Tea Ceremony


Tea satisfies so many necessities of our daily life.  My work has been to understand the qualities tea has to offer us and demonstrate that in my practice with others. I focus on the calming effects of tea and the aromas to give a clear path to meditative emergence. Taking the time to find or create my favorite herbal blends is a passion, so sharing them with friends, family and clients is a dream come true. 

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